Frequently asked questions


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I don’t know swimming, can I go for Kayaking?
Absolutely, you will be provided a life jacket. It is impossible to drown in water with the life jacket. Many participants don't know to swim, with proper training we have kayaked safely everytime.
How tiring is kayaking?
Kayaking is similar to trekking. We keep moving at a constant pace and take break time to time. Moving in water is more efficient than land. To cover the same distance, kayaking takes less energy than trekking. It is an excellent workout for the upper body.
Can anyone do kayaking?
We require the participant to be above 18(parents concent is required if below 18), irrespective of gender.
Where will the journey start?
The journey will start at Mulki. We kayak in river Shambhavi to a village called Inna. Next day we kayak back to Mulki.
Is it safe to kayak in River Shambhavi?
River Shambhavi is very calm throughout the year. There is no white water, which makes it perfect to get started with kayaking.
Where is River Shambhavi located?
River Shambhavi starts from western ghats and travels around 60 km to finally meet the Arabian sea in Mulki(near Mangalore).
How is the mobile network coverage in the area?
All major mobile network works throughout the route including Reliance JIO.